The largest professional sport fishing team  in Central America with in-house captains and mates able to cater to all skill levels.

Are you ready to strap in and reel in a yellowfin tuna that can reach up to 300 lbs? Do you think you have what it takes to beat the roosterfish resort record at 106 lbs? The upwelling caused by the offshore winds to the north and south moves baitfish into the area and leaves a flat ocean with one of the highest concentrations of sailfish in the world. What are you waiting for?

Our fleet is comprised of 33 and 35 foot Strike Tower boats. We also have 24 and 25 foot Boston Whaler Outrages.

All of boats have the ability to fish either offshore or inshore because of our generally calm sea conditions.

Contact us directly for pricing and more info: (506) 6311-1113 /

Sportfishing Calendar


Tuna, marlin and dorado taper off. Number of sailfish begins to increase.

Prime time for sailfish. Occassional marlin, tuna or dorado.


Prime time for sailfish.


Sailfish numbers drop mid-April and some marlin begin to appear.


Slower for billfish. Typically we start seeing schools of spinner dolphins with yellowfin tuna.


Slower for billfish. Spinner dolphins with yellowfin tuna.


Marlin begin to appear. A chance for black marlin as well as blues and striped marlin. A chance for tuna.


Marlin and tuna.


Slower for billfish. A chance for tuna and dorado.


Dorado begin to appear in numbers with marlin close behind.


A mixed bag of dorado, marlin and some big tuna.


Marlin, dorado, tuna and sailfish are all possibilities.