Flamingo Beach

The beach at Flamingo is only about one mile long (1.5 km) but is the perfect spot to dig your toes in the sand and relax. Along the upper part of the beach, you’ll find some shrubby trees that provide a little shade. Beware, though, that some of these are manchineel treesa type of poisonous apple. Sap from the leaves, bark, or fruit can cause a skin rash and blisters. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t touch them, and if you are worried, there are beach chair and umbrella rentals available too.

The northern end of Playa Flamingo is usually the busiest. This is because it’s an easier walk from nearby accommodations, including condos and the Margaritaville Beach Resort.

The southern end is typically less busy, but a popular restaurant called Coco Loco (see Restaurants section, below) can draw a crowd around lunchtime and sunset.

About the Area

While small, Playa Flamingo has everything you need. Besides the beach, there are several great restaurants, a grocery store, some shops, and plenty of activities to keep you busy (see below).

Most amenities are located in one general area, so you’ll see lots of people getting around by golf cart. These can be rented in town and are a lot of fun!


Since Flamingo doesn’t have much local culture, those wanting to explore a bit may want to rent a car. With one, you can find a different feel in every direction. Just five minutes north is the town of Potrero, which has a mixed community of locals, expats, and tourists. Potrero is more spread out and has several different beaches to discover.


Northern Guanacaste Province is made up of a couple of different clusters of beach towns. The most visited is the busy Tamarindo and its surrounds. This includes the beach towns north of Tamarindo like Playa Grande and then Playa ConchalPlaya Brasilito, and Playa Flamingo. Potrero, just five minutes past Flamingo, is the last major town you’ll come to in this group.

Geographically, Potrero is literally at the end of the road. While farther north there are more destinations like Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, and the Papagayo, these are separated from Potrero by mostly wild jungle.

Weather in Flamingo, Guanacaste: 

Flamingo is blessed with strong doses of sunshine and dry heat for a good portion of the year. Playa Flamingo is located in the Gold Coast of Guanacaste, which is known for 300+ days of sunshine per year!

Daytime highs hover around the upper 80s to lower 90s, while nighttime lows are generally in the upper 70s. You can expect clear, blue skies and sunshine during the dry season, between the months of November and August.

Remember to pack beach clothes including swimsuits, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, towels and sarongs, rain gear, sunblock and aloe vera gel for those painful lobster red days.

Fun Fact: The Catalina Islands are located just off the Playa Flamingo coast and are great for White Tipped Shark observation while scuba diving.