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Whale Watching In Uvita Costa Rica

If you want to go whale watching, there is no better station than Costa Rica. This country has extensive seasons to see humpback whales throughout the Pacific waters. The duration of these sightings is around eight months a year. Because the waters of the Golfo Dulce are suitable for their young, the whales prefer to come to this area to raise their babies. The best whale-watching months in Costa Rica are from August to October and from December to April. In these sightings, you can see dolphins, sperm whales, and orcas. Osa Peninsula and Drake Bay In the Osa Peninsula, the warm waters contribute to a longer observing season. Whales like warm waters.

The observing season in this part of the world is considered the longest. It is common to see organized tours for whale and dolphin watching. Among the species of whales, you can see humpback whale watching and more than 25 varieties of whales and dolphins on these tours. Definitely a great show to see. 

Ballena Marine National Park, Another natural resource in Costa Rica is the rock and coral reefs. Humpback whales are constant visitors to this natural park, especially from August to October and from December to April; that is, eight months to organize a trip to see whale sightings. Whales take advantage of the fact that these waters are warm to deposit their young since they come from colder waters in Antarctica. In this area of the country, you can occasionally see whale watching even while on the beaches. Sweet gulf The waters of the Golfo Dulce are warm and protected. These waters used to be breeding grounds for humpback whales. This event is only possible in October when heavy rains occur.

Time to see whales in Uvita

Whale watching in Uvita, Costa Rica, has two seasons: mid-July to mid-November and mid-December to April. These seasons are because of the annual migration cycle of the Pacific humpback whales. In addition, these animals travel from far away to visit the Ballena Marine Park in Uvita. Every year the humpback whales journey from the southern hemisphere of Antarctica to the South Pacific of Costa Rica, arriving at the end of July. Whales travel from Alaska to Costa Rica, arriving at the end of December. They travel between 5,000 km (3,100 mi) and 8,000 km (5,000 mi); twice a year.

If you want a fantastic vacation, I assure you that the experience of watching whales in Costa Rica is incredible. Whales and dolphins are unique animals, and seeing them in the wild and with freedom is indescribable. Choosing the plan to see dolphins in Costa Rica is one of the best ideas you can have to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.