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Wildlife in Costa Rica South

By December 12, 2022April 6th, 2023Costa Rica, Uncategorized

Those who enjoy nature and animals choose tourist destinations where they can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of flora and fauna. Latin American countries are beautiful tourist destinations for those who want this type of tourism.

Costa Rica es the country with the most incredible diversity in terms of landscapes with fauna and flora in Costa Rica, which is why many tourists choose to enjoy days of leisure in this country.

Costa Rica is a jewel of nature, with its impressive landscapes and an unlimited number of exotic and exuberant places to visit. It has many landscapes with natural beauty thanks to its diversity of animals and vegetation. Costa Rica is a country with biodiversity, with a lush wild landscape that delights those who visit it.

 The environment in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Contact with wildlife

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Costa Rica is its wildlife; If we go into its majestic jungle, we can find exotic mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. For this purpose, the locals have designed some wildlife exhibits to delight those who enjoy a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica.

Among the most notable places to visit, we find the Natural Park of the Jardines Cascadas de la  Paz, located in the center of the country, near the capital, San José, to the north. Experts in the field classify it as one of the best ecological reserves in Costa Rica.

In this place, we can enjoy walking through the different trails surrounded by forests and jungles. At the same time, we meet wild animals such as butterflies, jungle cats, hummingbirds, snakes, frogs, birds, sloths, and a wide variety of tropical flowers.

Going to the north of the country, we can visit exhibitions of the ‘Proyecto Asis’ located on the outskirts of the town of La Fortuna. The culture of the Costa Rican people is committed to the care and protection of wildlife, and they have a policy of no illegal hunting.

Forests and volcanoes

We could not leave out reviewing its tropical jungles and forests as another great heritage of the country, showing exuberant landscapes suitable for enjoying hiking.

One of the jewels found in the province of Guanacaste is the Parque Nacional de Santa Rosa, a place protected by its category of being one of the dry forests in the world. Those who hike in the area will see majestic oaks that show their appreciation by providing freshness and comfort to hikers. And along that same route are the nesting beaches for sea turtles: Naranjo and Nancie.

You cannot miss a visit to the Parque Nacional Carara, west of San José and part of theGolfo de Nicoya. This park has a great variety of flora and fauna, mainly this site’s species typical of dry and humid forests. Parque Nacional Carara is one of the country’s best bird-watching places. From all of the above, walking along these trails is being in complete contact with incredible endemic species and, at the same time, enjoying the shade of majestic leafy trees.

Costa Rica is also a land of volcanoes. It crosses its central volcanic mountain range in all its extension. Noting that many of these volcanoes are active, and those that are not active will allow you to walk on volcanic rocks.

Enjoying the ‘Parque Nacional Volcano Arenal’ in Alajuela is one of the humans’ most unforgettable experiences. From this place, you can see a splendid view of the country. Going to the Cerro Chato volcano is a good idea, where you can enjoy hiking through miles of humid forests and taking in the grandeur of the landscape.

Enjoy the waterfalls

In Costa Rica, there is a wide variety of waterfalls, several of which have natural pools. Proof of this is the waterfalls in the ‘Parque Nacional Volcano Arenal’ or the ‘Jardines de Cascada de La Paz”. The Río Celeste waterfall also stands out in the ‘Parque Nacional Volcan Tenorio’ in Guanacaste. The turquoise-blue color of its waters is fascinating. Scientists attribute the coloration of these waters to a chemical reaction between volcano minerals and elements from the rainforest.

You can miss visiting the pools of the Cascadas Nauyaca, located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. These pools are the product of some majestic waterfalls hidden in the jungle’s depths. Getting to these pools can be done by hiking, horseback, or in a 4×4 transport. As you get closer, you can enjoy watching the different species of birds and monkeys.

It is worth organizing a tourist trip to Costa Rica to enjoy these and other beauties that this country has.